Courting Miss Amsel

Written by Kim Vogel Sawyer
Review by Monica E. Spence

Edythe Amsel, an insecure, but headstrong, young woman with a belief in a well-rounded education, has accepted her first teaching assignment in the small farm community of Walnut Hill, Nebraska, in the late 19th century. Joel Townsend is a God-fearing local farmer who, with the Lord’s help, has accepted the job of raising his two young nephews after the death of their parents. Edythe is attracted to Joel, but after years of caring for her father and her siblings, does not want a commitment to anyone, other than her students. Joel is attracted to Edythe, but when he finds that her faith is not as strong and as focused as his, he has second thoughts about courting the pretty teacher.

When Edythe’s sister Missy shows up, half dead, cold and hungry, Edythe’s dreams of a simple, single life ends. Not only is Joel in the mix, but the Town Council decides that Edythe’s teaching methods are way too radical for their tastes. It is up to Edythe to decide if she wants her job, Joel and the life she imagined for herself, or if she is willing to trust her life and her heart to God.

Sawyer is an excellent storyteller, and uses a light hand in terms of religious beliefs and faith.  I recommend Courting Miss Amsel to lovers of the inspirational romance genre who are looking for something sweet and sincere and love a good “happily-ever-after” story.