Written by Julian Stockwin

The Battle of Trafalgar has been won, but even before Nelson’s body has been interred, Captain Thomas Kydd finds himself at sea once more. Being secure from the threat of invasion, the government wastes no time in putting into action a plan to expand the empire. Kydd finds himself as part of a fleet whose orders are to take control of Cape Town from the Dutch, to secure the rich trade route to India. While the initial objective is successfully achieved, retaining the newly conquered possession against French troops, native warriors and Boer insurgents is another matter.

This is the latest offering in the Kydd series from Julian Stockwin. As with all previous offerings, it is well researched and character-driven and paints a vivid picture of naval life. Although essentially a naval novel, much of the action takes place on dry land as both Kydd and his friend Nicholas Renzi become involved in the military and political campaigns. An excellent, exciting, fast paced read. Stockwin’s many fans will relish this latest offering, while those readers not familiar with his work will find this an appealing introduction. Recommended.