Clayton Sharp: Messenger of Warning

Written by Eugene J. DiCesaris
Review by Thomas j. Howley

In 1867 gangs of bandits, hostile Indians, and the beautiful but often dangerous wild lands themselves are all threats to settlers, hunters and travelers throughout the Midwest. Clayton Sharp is immersed in all aspects of this challenging environment. With an inauspicious start as a young robber chief, he finds himself wounded and being cared for by a group of Mormon pilgrims who encourage him to change his ways. He is especially swayed by Annie Kimball, who wins his heart. Along the way to his hoped-for redemption, he encounters vengeful tribes, small town bullies and the U.S. Seventh Cavalry as Clayton attempts to find and convince his former gang members to see the light.

This short novel is filled with action, interesting subplots and likeable characters, especially and refreshingly including General George Custer. There is a lot of Mormon “inside baseball” and a bit of sometimes confusing jumping about in time and space but not to the point of distraction. An easy and entertaining read.