Children of the Mists

Written by Lexa Dudley
Review by Richard Tearle

Everyone assumes childhood sweethearts Raffaella and Antonio will marry one day, but their hopes are dashed when Raffaella’s father dies and Orlando, her brother, becomes head of the family. He had already introduced her to Luigi, a young medical student from Piedmont, but Raffaella’s dislike of him was immediate and intensifies when she blames him for the death of her father. Antonio’s ambitions drive the family further apart and jealousies lead to tragic events.

The author paints a vivid and rich Sardinian landscape, her characterisations believable and she leaves us in no doubt as to the depths of the love between the protagonists. The author clearly loves the area and its traditions, and weaves them skilfully into the tale.

Recommended especially for those who love Italian settings for their historical romance.