Bright As Gold: Book Four of the Georgia Gold Series


The Civil War of the 1860s is over, and Reconstruction has begun in a highly antagonistic atmosphere in Georgia. Carolyn Calhoun Rousseau’s husband, Dev, was killed in the Civil War and after some time marries Dev’s brother, Dylan. Dylan is a man haunted by his battle experiences but is still deeply in love with Carolyn. They will wed, but it will not be easy as Dylan struggles to recover their financial losses, paralleling the losses and struggles all over the South during this devastating period of history.

At the same time, Carolyn’s former friend, Mahala, a half-Cherokee woman, marries Jack Randall, a highly motivated businessman who never fought in the war and so is one of the few wealthy men who has huge plans for the future of his business and is willing to help others in dire need. However, while Mahala is aptly handling the initial prejudice of her new friends, Jack has to be alert over those who resent his lack of military support during the war. Add to that that two other women are immensely attracted to Jack and initially refuse to accept his wedding and devotion to Mahala. This creates some tension in their marriage, but tension is the rule of the day as Southerners are required to sign a Yankee oath of loyalty.

Denise Weimer has crafted a sensitive, realistic, and conflict-ridden story that clearly delineates the temptations and struggles of Reconstruction. Add to the conflict a treasure of gold found and secretly used, followed by ramifications of this becoming discovered. Bright as Gold is a vigorous, entertaining and engaging story of the mettle required to survive disaster. Notable historical fiction!

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(US) 9780988189799