Bone Walker

Written by Kathleen O'Neal Gear W. Michael Gear
Review by Gerald T. Burke

In this novel, the third in the series, the authors weave together twin plots. Set in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, both stories are geographically parallel, but, chronologically, they are centuries apart. Eight hundred years ago, with the Anasazi world disintegrating, War Chief Browser and his loyal deputy, Catkin, struggle to restore order to their fractured society. Through battles, betrayals, and treachery, they hunt for a powerful yet elusive witch who incites the evil that plagues them.

Meanwhile, at a modern day dig in Chaco Canyon, renowned archeologist Dale Emerson is found dead, the victim of ritual witchcraft. Swearing never to rest until the killer is found, his adopted son, archeologist Dusty Steward, recruits the help of colleague and friend Maureen Cole, a physical anthropologist. Together they unravel the mystery, uncovering surprising secrets of Dale and Dusty’s past that are both revealing and shocking.

The authors maintain a wonderful balance as they move back and forth between stories. They keep the suspense tight and both narratives full of surprises. In addition, readers are treated to a healthy dose of historical and archaeological detail that makes this a fun yet instructive read.