Black Wind Pass

Written by Rusty Davis
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

In 1871, Rory Carrick is finally returning home to Wyoming Territory after the War Between the States. For the last several years, Carrick has been on the run. He is coming back to his ranch, the Bar C, to escape the events of the past decade. After he arrives, he learns his parents have died and the ranch is now run by two women, Rebecca Lewis and her Aunt Jess. He is told that there is a range war coming, one motivated by two local larger ranches, the Double J and the Lazy F. Both ranch owners want the Bar C land. Carrick feels empathy towards the ladies and soon becomes involved in attempting to help them from losing the Bar C.

This is another rip-roaring western by Rusty Davis. I find his characterizations especially realistic, credible and three-dimensional. The author adds color to his tale with his ability to describe life on the prairie after the war. The interaction between the Lincoln Springs townsfolk, the large ranchers, and those at the Bar C make for an exceptional narrative. A page-turning escape for those who enjoy westerns.