Beguiling the Beauty

Written by Sherry Thomas
Review by Jeanne Greene

Venetia is a London widow who, rumors say, caused her first husband’s death and married her second, an older man since deceased, for his money (gasp!). Venetia is indisputably a wealthy woman, however, with an expensive hobby, anthropology. When she hears an amateur anthropologist, the handsome Duke of Lexington, repeat the ugly rumors in his lecture, she plans to retaliate. She will make him fall in love with her and drop him, painfully. Because the Duke knows her by sight, Venetia needs a disguise. She invents the Baroness von Seidlitz-Hardenberg, who will make love only while wearing her veil.

To call this plot contrived is an understatement. And you already know what happens next, don’t you?

When Sherry Thomas first hit the romance stage with Delicious (2008), she did so with originality, a superb use of language, and a respect for her readers, which continued in Not Quite a Husband (2009). For excellent romantic fiction, return to the author’s backlist.