Bachelor List

Written by Jane Feather
Review by Trudi E. Jacobson

The three Duncan sisters are, secretly, the writers and publishers of the forward-thinking newspaper, The Mayfair Lady. This newspaper advocates votes for women taxpayers, as well as providing society gossip. However, the spending of their father, Lord Duncan, is beginning to outstrip the family’s means, so they come up with some new schemes to sell their paper, including an agony aunt column and a matchmaking service. Max Ensor, a newly elected Member of Parliament, is determined to help the current government by discovering ways to disarm those who advocate for votes for women, including those responsible for The Mayfair Lady. Constance, eldest of the Duncan sisters, finds herself powerfully drawn to Max, much as she despises his traditional stance on the role of women. The Duncan sisters hold very forward-thinking views, not only about women’s suffrage, but about sex. While I am not sure their free-thinking ways fit well into the period (just after the turn of the 20th century), the book otherwise is true to the period, and full of historical details. The story of Constance and Max’s volatile relationship is interwoven with some very engaging matchmaking attempts. The tales of the two younger sisters will soon have their own volumes.