Angel Falls

Written by Derek Catron
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

A few years after the American Civil War, young Josey Angel travels to Fort Phil Kearny to bring his friend the Colonel, who is recovering from serious injuries, back to Virginia City, where Angel’s sweetheart Annabelle awaits him. Meanwhile, Sioux warrior Crazy Horse is planning an attack on the fort. Annabelle is pregnant with Angel’s child and decides to follow Angel to Fort Kearny to tell him of her pregnancy and her concerns about their relationship. While traveling to the fort, Annabelle is captured by Crazy Horse and his warriors. He plans on using her as bait in catching his nemesis, Josey Angel. This is the second novel in the author’s series (after Trail Angel), and as the subtitle indicates, the book is “a frontier epic of love and war.” Angel and Annabelle are caught up in the beginnings of the Plains Indian Wars. This well-written western has suspense in every chapter. The thoughts of both Indians and soldiers are described in detail, giving readers details on both sides of the Indian Wars. A page-turner that is difficult to put down.