An Unwilling Accomplice

Written by Charles Todd
Review by Kathryn Johnson

It’s 1918 and Bess Crawford, of Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service, has just returned to London from France with a convoy of wounded. Longing for few days’ respite with her family, she is instead surprised by a special request that she accompany a wounded soldier to Buckingham Palace, where he will receive a medal of honor from the king. The task completed, she is to hand the war hero over to an orderly the next day, but before then, the man goes missing and Bess is held responsible. What looks worse on her record with the Service than a hero who goes AWOL on her watch? A soldier decorated by the king who is suspected of murder.

To clear her name, and possibly catch a killer, Bess goes in search of the missing soldier, with the help of her long-time family friend Simon. But they find a far more convoluted maze of deception than either of them anticipated. A mystery from the past, guarded family secrets, treason, arson and gunfire turn Bess’s hunt into a dangerous game. The historical setting is well researched and lends a realistic flavor to the adventure. This popular mystery series set during World War I, written by a mother-and-son writing team, has established a firm fan base with earlier titles. Readers who already admire the intelligent and brave Sister Crawford will welcome this new tale of her exploits. New readers will have no trouble picking up the series in the middle, as this reads like a single-title novel.