An Invitation to Sin

Written by Jo Beverley Kaitlin O’Riley Sally MacKenzie Vanessa Kelly
Review by Monica E. Spence

An Invitation to Sin is a series of four historical romance novellas, unrelated by anything but the Regency time period.

In Forbidden Affections (Jo Beverley), the mysterious earl of Carne returns home and moves into his house, which adjoins that of Anna Featherstone’s family. A hidden doorway, a young woman’s curiosity, and an unsolved murder make this gothic story of a young woman’s love for an older man a bit unusual for the genre.

The Pleasure of a Younger Lover (Vanessa Kelly) reverses the age issue and makes the gentleman younger than the lady. Clarissa Middleton and Captain Christian Archer, childhood friends, find happiness in each other’s arms as adults. However, their age difference risks censure from the ton.

The Naked Prince (Sally MacKenzie) is a romp set at a Valentine’s Day/Saturnalia house party. Studious Josephine Atworthy is invited to fill out the guest list that includes known roués and questionable ladies, both married and single. Will she and Damien Weston find love? Will they be able to prevent Damien’s friend from being trapped into marriage by a scheming widow? Doesn’t love conquer all?

A Summer Love Affair (Kaitlin O’Riley) finds Charlotte Wilson visiting a family friend. Gavin Ellsworth occupies the rooms below hers. The staircase connecting the two suites stands as an invitation to spend time together. Being asked to pose for a painting by their hostess adds to the temptations of a glorious summer in Spain. Together they discover freedom, the source of true happiness, and love.