A Worthy Pursuit

Written by Karen Witemeyer
Review by Rebecca Cochran

In 1891, Texas, Charlotte Atherton, headmistress at Sullivan’s Academy for Exceptional Youths, becomes legal guardian to Lily, a spunky seven-year-old whose mother has died. When the school suddenly closes, Charlotte fears that Lily’s dastardly grandfather is to blame. She decides to run away with the children so Lily can be safe.

Lily’s wealthy grandfather has indeed hired a bounty hunter, Stone Hammond, to track Lily down. Stone is every bit his name – rugged, hard, and merciless. But when he finally catches up with Charlotte, he doesn’t find the evil kidnapper that he is expecting. Instead, he finds a frightened but steely woman, protecting three marvelous children. Stone realizes he must work with Charlotte to find a way out of this muddle. What they don’t expect, of course, is to end up trusting and loving each other.

The premise of this story seems a bit far-fetched at first. After all, it’s about a teacher on the run and a ruthless bounty hunter. But, like most Witemeyer novels, A Worthy Pursuit is a worthy and charming read. It is a delightful caper complete with chase scenes, a strong female heroine, and a swoon-worthy hero. Highly recommended.