A Twisted Vengeance

Written by Candace Robb
Review by Val Adolph

Kate Clifford’s life is seriously disrupted when her mother, Eleanor, returns to York in 1399. Despite unrest seething in the city because of the dispute between King Richard and Duke Henry, and despite family feuds, Kate’s life has been going well. Her mother’s arrival, however, is never welcome, and when she moves in next door with a group of religious sisters, it puzzles Kate. When one of the gentle sisters is viciously attacked, Kate starts to ask questions.

Rapidly, Kate and her two wolfhounds are drawn into the conflict between the army camps flooding the city, between antagonistic religious groups, and between families, not to mention simple thievery. The answer to many of Kate’s questions seems to lie with her mother, but Eleanor refuses to talk about her precipitous flight back to York. Kate’s fight to find answers and to save her livelihood and her family leads her to explore hidden corners of 14th century York with danger always threatening.

The author’s research is evident in this book, as with her previous novels. Her knowledge of the time and place creates a strong foundation for an exciting and readable tale. Her characters are skillfully drawn, and the pacing is strategic. A very satisfying read.