A Thousand Ships: Age of Bronze, v. 1

Written by Eric Shanower
Review by India Edghill

Originally serialized in the comic book series Age of Bronze, issues 1-9.

An accursed family; a deadly oath; a fiery prophecy; a beautiful woman; a bitter conflict leading both sides to utter disaster:  these are the elements of the Trojan War, one of the world’s great epics.  The story of the abduction of Helen and the ultimate fall of Troy after a ten-year-long war has been told and retold many, many times, but rarely with the panache and verve of Eric Shanower’s epic comic book version.  This is no mere retelling of the Iliad, for Shanower goes back to the very beginning of the ancient tale and faithfully retells it in beautiful black-and-white drawings that bring the Bronze Age Aegean vividly to life.

In addition to the story itself, Age of Bronze includes information on the Trojan War, as well as an extensive bibliography.  A work in progress, this volume takes us only as far as the launching of the thousand ships — the complete story will take many issues to complete.  I can hardly wait for the rest of the story, and can’t recommend this work highly enough.  Age of Bronze is brilliantly done, and a “must read” for any fan of history, historical novels, or graphic novels.