A Plague of Sinners

Written by Paul Lawrence

The hot and plague-haunted summer of 1665 is a very bad time to be in London, but Harry Lytle, former Tower clerk and now King’s agent, cannot bring himself to flee to rural safety – and lovely Liz Willis’ green eyes are as much to blame as his latest case, the grisly murder of an earl with many enemies. But the more Lytle and his partner, the taciturn and pious butcher Dowling, delve into the intricacies of the victim’s life and death, the more opaque and dangerous things become. And who can be trusted, when trusting the wrong person might very lead to an unsavoury end? With the second instalment in his Harry Lytle series, Lawrence delivers a dark, well-researched, well-paced whodunit, with a dry narrating voice, and abundant black humour to offset the sense of constant terror and general gruesomeness going with the plague. Recommended – but not for the squeamish.