A Kiss for Cade

Written by Lori Copeland
Review by B. J. Sedlock

Left with her dead friend’s four children on her hands in 1885 Kansas, Zoe Bradshaw is not anxious to contact their uncle. Cade had vowed to return and marry Zoe after a spell of bounty hunting, but he’s been gone 15 years. Zoe’s determined to raise the children herself, but the returning Cade objects, saying that children need two parents. But she’s not about to marry that cad who stood her up, so the scene is then set for sparks to fly. Then the brother of a man Cade killed when bounty hunting comes looking for him, bent on revenge. The townspeople pull together to try to keep Zoe, Cade, and the children safe.

This Christian novel is a reworking of the author’s 1997 historical romance The Courtship of Cade Kolby. Copland removed the bedroom scenes, replaced certain dialogue (“If that don’t beat all” instead of “I’ll be damned,” for example), and inserted some light religious content. There are touches of humor, such as a scene where Cade wakes up to find the kids’ pet tarantula on his chest. Readers will guess the outcome of the conflict between the likeable protagonists from the first, but it’s an enjoyable journey.