A Heart Most Worthy

Written by Siri Mitchell
Review by Monica E. Spence

Siri Mitchell successfully tackles an unusual time period and subject in A Heart Most Worthy. In the Italian area of North Boston during World War I, three poor, Italian immigrant women work in the upscale dress shop of Madame Fortier. Julietta, Annamaria and Luciana each have a hand-work sewing specialty that makes her valuable to her employer. Each of the girls has a secret. Each of the girls is attracted to a man – sometimes the wrong man. Each holds dreams to better herself. But this is America, where the streets are supposed to be paved with gold and one’s heart’s desire can be found if you work hard enough. Or can it?

Mitchell, an excellent storyteller, uses a light hand in terms of religious beliefs and faith. Her choice of Italian Catholic immigrant girls as her heroines is refreshing. She shows the depth of her research in her familiarity with Italian and Catholic traditions and the domestic and Italian history of the period. I felt completely immersed in the story. No greater accolade can be given to an author who makes you want more as you read the last word of a novel. Mitchell does this. I recommend A Heart Most Worthy to lovers of inspirational romance looking for a sweet, sincere, “happily-ever-after” story.