A Greater Glory

Written by James Scott Bell
Review by Jetta Culpepper

Kit Shannon returns in a new series, The Trials of Kit Shannon, which is highly recommended for fans of the Shannon Saga (City of Angels, Angels Flight, Angel of Mercy). As a lawyer, an atypical profession held by a woman in early 1900s Los Angeles, Kit must defend a society lady with a dark past. The trial proves to be a unique confrontation between two female lawyers. The author enriches the plot by drawing from the setting in a time when spiritualists were popular and the magician, Harry Houdini, entertained crowds. A greater legal challenge arrives when the life of Kit’s fiancé, Ted Fox, becomes at risk. His career as a pilot has grown with the expansion of air travel, but then he’s arrested for treason. The suspense entering Kit’s life rivals that of a thriller novel. This well written and inspirational story will intrigue readers through the last page.