A Flight of Arrows

Written by Lori Benton
Review by Elizabeth Knowles

In this second Pathfinders Series story, Two Hawks searches for his twin brother, stolen as an infant by British soldier Reginald Aubrey during the retreat from Fort William Henry. Set in Canada and the American colonies during the Revolutionary War, the historical backdrop adds much drama to the plot. Characters from the first book return, as Anna struggles to find happiness with Two Hawks, and Reginald remains haunted by the kidnapping that has devastated two families. Good Voice and Stone Thrower still long for their missing son, and Bright Arrow (William Aubrey) comes to terms with his true identity and takes more of a role. New family members appear, and an attractive female warrior/hunter antagonizes Two Hawks. In this very Christian book, an unlikely, selfless act brings closure and unexpected consequences.

Readers need to start with Book One, The Wood’s Edge, to avoid being totally at sea. Christian readers should like this heartfelt story with its moral tone, as should anyone interested in the history of the Mohawk Valley, including Fort Stanwix, the Oneida Carry, and the battle at Oriskany.