A Crown in the Stars

Written by Kacy Barnett-Gramckow
Review by Michael I. Shoop

Barnett-Gramckow wraps up her Genesis trilogy with an account of events following the death of Nimr-Rada (Nimrod) concerning the Tower of Babel and the Most High’s stunning response to its construction. The story focuses on Roshannah, a daughter of Keren and Zekaryah of He Who Lifts the Skies.

Traveling with members of her family’s tribe, Roshannah unwillingly enters the dangerous, seductively beautiful Great City, long avoided by her parents. In the marketplace, she is identified and forcibly taken to her uncle, Ra-Anan, a powerful, vengeful man who no longer believes in the Most High. Held captive, surrounded by plots and counterplots, and forced to learn the ways of the temple, Roshannah survives by her wits and her faith in the Most High. After she becomes a pawn in the power game between handsome, ambitious Adoniyram, his mother, the cruel Lady Sharah, and Ra-Anan, she fears for her life. Her lover Kaleb, meanwhile, plans her rescue. However, when violence erupts and all seems doomed, events take an astonishing and completely unexpected turn for everyone involved.

Entertaining, intriguing, and thoughtful. Recommended.