A Conspiracy of Ravens

Written by Gilbert Morris
Review by Rebecca Roberts

In this second Lady Trent novel, 1850s Victorian London finds Lady Serafina Trent working once again with Dylan Tremayne. This time, she’s helping determine the true heir to her neighbor’s sizable estate. After some investigating, Serafina astounds the Haydens by revealing that the child they believed had died at birth is actually alive and living as a criminal in London’s worst slum. Then, when the Haydens’ butler is found poisoned, Lady Serafina must employ her famous scientific reasoning to discover answers before foul play strikes again.

The lively dialogue and engaging characters make for a suspenseful plot with a satisfying conclusion. The character of Dylan is an excellent example of a truly committed Christian, and the growing attraction between the two heroes of this story make this fun to read. With mischief, murder, and blossoming love, this cozy mystery is a delight. Readers will anxiously await the next installment from this beloved Christian fiction author.