A Burden Shared

Written by Malcolm Archibald
Review by Fenella Miller

This book, set in Dundee in 1849, is the second in a series featuring Detective Sergeant Mendick, following The Darkest Walk. Sergeant Mendick has arrived from London to collect an escaped prisoner. Although born there, he has no love for Dundee and is not pleased to be retained to help investigate a series of gruesome murders. Mendick employs his considerable skills to eventually solve the case. Whilst doing so he interacts with the highest echelon of Dundee society as well as mingling with the riffraff.

The accurate historical detail brings Victorian Dundee vividly alive. One can almost taste and smell the vile backstreets, see the tall hatted, blue-garbed policeman and hear the elite of Dundee talking. A Burden Shared is a terrific read, and I am eagerly awaiting the next instalment in the series. The history is accurate, the characters well drawn and the writing fast-paced and excellent. I highly recommend this book.