Jinny Webber

Anne and Louis Forever Bound

By Rozsa Gaston - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

The conflicts and values of medieval France are background for a royal love story in Anne and Louis Forever Bound. The fourth volume ...Read Review

The Keening: A Mystery of Gaelic Ireland

By Anne Emery - Published 2021



The Keening opens in Enniskillen, Ireland, in 1595, then moves to the same place in contemporary times. In both past and present, the property ...Read Review

Tuscan Daughter: A Novel

By Lisa Rochon - Published 2021


In the village of Settignano outside Florence, Beatrice was orphaned by her father’s murder and her mother’s abandonment. Through her, Tuscan ...Read Review


By William di Canzio - Published 2021



William di Canzio retells the ending of E. M. Forster’s novel Maurice from working-class Alec Scudder’s perspective, then carries forward the ...Read Review

Shallow Waters

By Anita Kopacz - Published 2021


Historical Fantasy

This epic incorporates the Yoruba sea goddess Yemaya (also known as the Mother of Fishes and Mother of Africa), with the Middle Passage ...Read Review

The Oath: The Druid Chronicles, Book One

By A. M. Linden - Published 2021


The Oath is a tale of Druids and Saxon Christians in 8th-century Britain. The Mother Goddess-worshipping Druids, executed as witches if discovered, survive ...Read Review