Jinny Webber

The Valley (The Druid Chronicles, 2)

By A. M. Linden - Published 2022


In Linden’s fictional eighth-century Britain, Saxon Christians dominate while descendants of Celtic Druids survive in the secluded valley of the title. Set ...Read Review


By Matthew Kneale - Published 2022


In 1289, the century before Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales takes place, a band of pilgrims leaves England not for Canterbury but to Rome, picking ...Read Review

The Queen In The Mound (The Norsewomen)

By Johanna Wittenberg - Published 2022



A Norsewoman in the 9th century AD, Ragnhild is captain of the Raider Bride. She’s married to the Irish lord and one-time ...Read Review

A Rip Through Time

By Kelley Armstrong - Published 2022



Armstrong’s novel requires the suspension of disbelief: a woman nearly murdered and left for dead wakes up 150 years earlier. Just before she’...Read Review

My First and Only Love

By Aida Bamia (trans.) - By Sahar Khalifeh - Published 2021


The narrator, Nidal (whose name in Arabic means “struggle”), returns to Nablus in Palestine in the early 21st century, after decades of exile ...Read Review

Last Call at the Nightingale (Last Call at the Nightingale, 1)

By Katharine Schellman - Published 2022



A murder mystery set in New York City in 1924, Last Call at the Nightingale features the saucy Vivian Kelly. She and her sister, ...Read Review

Charlotte’s Story

By Carolyn Korsmeyer - Published 2021


Spin-offs from Pride and Prejudice generally focus on Elizabeth and Darcy and occasionally the other Bennet sisters. Instead, in Charlotte’s Story Carolyn ...Read Review

The School of Mirrors

By Eva Stachniak - Published 2022



Eva Stachniak focuses on an intense era: France from 1755 to 1793. The School of Mirrors is a three-generation epic, divided into five parts. As ...Read Review

Anne and Louis Forever Bound

By Rozsa Gaston - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

The conflicts and values of medieval France are background for a royal love story in Anne and Louis Forever Bound. The fourth volume ...Read Review

The Keening: A Mystery of Gaelic Ireland

By Anne Emery - Published 2021



The Keening opens in Enniskillen, Ireland, in 1595, then moves to the same place in contemporary times. In both past and present, the property ...Read Review