Jinny Webber

The Courtesan’s Secret: A Venice Beauties Mystery

By Nina Wachsman - Published 2023



Set in 17th-century Venice, this novel focuses on the beautiful courtesan Belladonna, born a converso named Raquel Mendoza. Although her wealth and status ...Read Review


By Lytton Smith (trans.) - By Sigrun Palsdottir - Published 2023



Something of a Nordic saga itself, Embroidery follows the adventures of Sigurlína Brandsdóttir, motherless daughter of Brandur Jónsson who works ...Read Review

The Law’s Delay

By Jane Stubbs - Published 2023


A story of liaisons, love, and the law set in early 20th-century Lancashire, The Law’s Delay’s complicated characters and plot revolve ...Read Review

The Letter Tree

By Rachel Fordham - Published 2023


Inspirational Romance

Much of this Juliet and Romeo story, set in 1924 Buffalo, New York, takes place in the city zoo. Those scenes give the story ...Read Review

Death on the Rio Chiquito: A New Mexico Homefront Mystery

By Susan McDuffie - Published 2023



By the river near the New Mexico village Pueblo of San Antonito, schoolteacher Emily Schwartz discovers a body. She recognizes Juan, the nineteen-year-old ...Read Review

Where Waters Meet

By Zhang Ling - Published 2023



This is Zhang Ling’s first novel in English, following her earlier successes written in Chinese and translated. Like her protagonist Yuan Feng, ...Read Review

The Boy in the Rain

By Stephanie Cowell - Published 2023


Set in England between 1901 and 1910, The Boy in the Rain portrays the illicit passion between two men. Robbie Stillman is seventeen when the ...Read Review

The Marriage: The Mahlers in New York

By Joseph Horowitz - Published 2023


Biographical Fiction

Horowitz’s novel should appeal both to musical aficionados and those who know Gustav Mahler only from his music. We get a backstage ...Read Review

Dust Child

By Nguyễn Phan Quế Mai - Published 2023



Released in March 2023, Dust Child marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Americans pulling out of Viet Nam. Part of the novel is set ...Read Review

A Novel Disguise (A Lady Librarian Mystery)

By Samantha Larsen - Published 2023



A clever play on Regency-style novels, this book is a murder mystery including, as the title suggests, gender disguise—in a complicated version. ...Read Review