Irene Colthurst

Prospects of a Woman

By Wendy Voorsanger - Published 2020


Elisabeth Parker and her husband Nate leave Concord, Massachusetts for Gold Rush-era California in search of her estranged father, who the newlyweds hope ...Read Review

Factory Witches of Lowell

By C. S. Malerich - Published 2020


Historical Fantasy

Hannah Pickering and Judith Whitaker are the leaders among a group of mill girls fighting back against the intensification of production at their ...Read Review

House of the Patriarch (A Benjamin January Mystery Book 18)

By Barbara Hambly - Published 2020



Benjamin January is a Black physician in antebellum New Orleans who must moonlight as a detective-for-hire to make ends meet. His latest case, ...Read Review

Never Walk Back

By Adam J. Shafer - Published 2020



Ruth Casper has had a very hard life as a countrywoman in rural, mid-19th century Tennessee, and her luck only changes when, ...Read Review

Red Mistress

By Elizabeth Blackwell - Published 2020


Born the daughter of a minor Russian noble, Nadia Shulkina comes of age in the social upheaval of the aftermath of the Russian ...Read Review

The Peril (The Merchant of Secrets)

By Virginia Cox - Published 2019



Called “Fra Giovanni” in his guise as an ascetic friar, young spy Matteo da Fermo continues his adventures in the second installment of ...Read Review

The King’s Beast: A Mystery of the American Revolution (Bone Rattler)

By Eliot Pattison - Published 2020



The latest installment in Eliot Pattison’s Bone Rattler series, The King’s Beast follows Duncan McCallum, a veteran of the Battle of ...Read Review

A Perfect Silhouette

By Judith Miller - Published 2019


Inspirational Romance

Judith Miller’s A Perfect Silhouette is a charming if over-moralized story of one young woman who must go to work in the ...Read Review

Reunited at the King’s Court (Harlequin Historical: English Civil War)

By Helen Dickson - Published 2019



Reunited at the King’s Court has an intriguing setting — the very start of Restoration England, as the newly anointed Charles II reclaims ...Read Review

Harbor for the Nightingale: A Stranje House Novel

By Kathleen Baldwin - Published 2019



In the latest novel in Kathleen Baldwin’s Stranje House series, Maya Barrington continues to use her gift of soothing voice and ability ...Read Review