Irene Colthurst

Sinful Seduction

By Jacqueline Seewald - Published 2019



Anne MacIntyre is a schoolmistress in a rural region of New Jersey, a patriot trying to keep her head down as the American ...Read Review

Sons of the Soil

By Lucas Dines - Published 2019


In 1902, Jon Ahmeti is an Albanian living in the Ottoman province of Macedonia, where he works for James MacGregor, the head of the ...Read Review

Dragon Blood (Hearts of Darkness Trilogy)

By Bruce Woods - Published 2019


Historical Fantasy

Paulette Monot was still a recently turned member of the Kin, author Bruce Woods’ take on vampires in the late Victorian era, when ...Read Review

Between Two Shores

By Jocelyn Green - Published 2019



Catherine Stands-Apart, the half-Mohawk daughter of a selfish, drunken French trapper, must navigate between empires vying for control of North America in the ...Read Review

Girl Under a Red Moon: Growing Up During China’s Cultural Revolution

By Da Chen - Published 2019


Biographical FictionChildren/Young Adult

The author narrates this novel-like memoir depicting how, when he was a child, he and his conscientious older sister Sisi were forced to ...Read Review

Song of the Shuttle (The Lancashire Cotton Saga Book 1)

By Christine Evans - Published 2019



Jessie Davenport, an industrious mill girl whose mother is ill, has caught the eye of two young men in her village as that ...Read Review

The King’s Mercy

By Lori Benton - Published 2019



Alex MacKinnon, a Scottish fighter in the Jacobite Rebellion of 1740s Britain, finds himself paroled and exiled to colonial North Carolina, and then ...Read Review

Not Just Any Man: A Novel of Old New Mexico

By Loretta Miles Tollefson - Published 2018



Gerald Locke, Jr., the son of an Irish servant girl and a free black man, heads to early 19th-century New Mexico for a ...Read Review

Simply Dead (A Will Rees Mystery Book 7)

By Eleanor Kuhns - Published 2019



Will Rees is happy with the blended family he and wife Lydia are raising on the Maine frontier in the early 1790s when ...Read Review

The Deadliest Sport

By June Trop - Published 2017


In 1st-century Alexandria, Miriam bat Isaac is a dutiful Jewish daughter, running her late father’s business, whose twin brother Binyamin went off ...Read Review