Ann Turnbull


By Ann Halam - Published 2007


Children/Young AdultFantasy

This is a stylish and fascinating retelling of the Medusa myth. Ann Halam has given the ancient Greek story a thoroughly modern twist, ...Read Review

House of Secrets

By Jennie Walters - Published 2005


Children/Young AdultSaga

This is the first book in a trilogy about the lives of servants and masters at a great house, Swallowcliffe Hall, from Victorian ...Read Review

Gatty’s Tale

By Kevin Crossley-Holland - Published 2006


Children/Young Adult

This is a stand-alone novel which follows Kevin Crossley-Holland’s Arthur trilogy. The main character is Gatty, Arthur’s brave, loving and open-hearted ...Read Review

Black Powder

By Staton Rabin - Published 2005


Children/Young AdultTime-slip

  Rabin writes an intriguing young adult novel which addresses the pertinent issue of youth gang violence. In 2010, teenager Langston Davis witnesses the ...Read Review