Ann Turnbull

When Morning Comes

By Arushi Raina - Published 2016


Children/Young Adult

This young adult novel tells the story of the planning and impetus of the 1976 Soweto Uprising in South Africa—a student-led protest on ...Read Review

Kings of the Boyne

By Nicola Pierce - Published 2016


Children/Young AdultMilitary

I have to confess that before reading this story I knew nothing of the events it re-tells—but I decided to leave things ...Read Review

Discover the Ancient Egyptians

By Imogen Greenberg - By Isabel Greenberg - Published 2016


Children/Young AdultNonfiction

This is an attractive cartoon-style book about Ancient Egypt. It’s a tall narrow hardback, smooth and easy to hold, and looks as ...Read Review

In Her Hands

By Alan Schroeder - Published 2014


Biographical FictionChildren/Young Adult

This attractive picture book tells the true story of an African-American sculptor who was a leading figure in the Harlem Renaissance of the 1930...Read Review

Ghost Soldier

By Theresa Breslin - Published 2014


Children/Young AdultMystery/Crime

Rob and Millie’s soldier father is missing in action after the battle of the Somme, and their mother is finding it hard ...Read Review

My Brother’s Keeper

By Tom Bradman - By Tony Bradman - Published 2014


AdventureChildren/Young AdultMilitary

In 1915 young Londoner Alfie joins the army. He’s fifteen, full of patriotic fervour and eager to see action. Despite the rigours of ...Read Review

The Mark of the Horse Lord

By Rosemary Sutcliff - Published 2014


Children/Young Adult

This is a well-constructed story with a pleasing sense of inevitability. It’s set in and around Hadrian’s Wall at the time ...Read Review

The Seeing

By Diana Hendry - Published 2012


Children/Young Adult

Set in the 1950s, this story is narrated mainly by 13-year-old Lizzie, who lives in a small coastal town, in a comfortable home ...Read Review

Rose Under Fire

By Elizabeth Wein - Published 2013


Children/Young Adult

Rose Justice is an eighteen-year-old American pilot who travels to England in August 1944 and joins the Air Transport Auxiliary. Rose, a budding poet, ...Read Review

Back to Blackbrick

By Sarah Moore Fitzgerald - Published 2013


Children/Young AdultTime-slip

This beautifully-written time-slip novel explores memory loss, grief and family relationships.  It’s narrated in a lively 21st-century voice by Cosmo, who lives ...Read Review