Deadly Cure

By Lawrence Goldstone - Published 2017



Doctor Noah Whitestone, along with his father, has a medical office in Brooklyn, New York in 1899. Noah is asked to attend to the ...Read Review

The Wages of Sin

By Kaite Welsh - Published 2017



1892. Sarah Gilchrist is forced by her family to move from London to live with relatives in Edinburgh to avoid a scandal. Determined to ...Read Review

The Amber Shadows

By Lucy Ribchester - Published 2016Published 2017



During WWII, Honey Deschamps diligently works at an office in Bletchley Circle, transcribing decrypted signals from the German army. The work can be ...Read Review

After Anatevka: A Novel Inspired by Fiddler on the Roof

By Alexandra Silber - Published 2017


Who can forget the story and music of the Broadway hit Fiddler on the Roof? Alexandra Silber has taken on the formidable task ...Read Review

For the Winner: A Novel of Jason and the Argonauts

By Emily Hauser - Published 2017Published 2017-10-03



Myths are stories that are told and re-told over centuries. Each generation takes the same basic tale but turns it into something relevant ...Read Review

The Abbot’s Tale

By Conn Iggulden - Published 2017Published 2018Published 2018-05-01


Biographical Fiction

Dunstan was an Abbot of Glastonbury, later Archbishop of Canterbury, and was probably born somewhere between AD 910 and AD 920 in Somerset (we don’...Read Review

A Twisted Vengeance

By Candace Robb - Published 2017



Kate Clifford’s life is seriously disrupted when her mother, Eleanor, returns to York in 1399. Despite unrest seething in the city because of ...Read Review

The Moment of Truth

By Damian McNicholl - Published 2017


Biographical Fiction

This is a coming-of-age story inspired by real events in the life of the first American female bullfighter. Kathleen Boyd leaves behind her ...Read Review

A Twist in Time

By Julie McElwain - Published 2017



Kendra Donovan is a crack FBI agent—or was, until she fell through a time anomaly and wound up in 1815 London. Her attempts ...Read Review

The Devil’s Bible

By Dana Chamblee Carpenter - Published 2017



Carpenter’s follow-up to The Bohemian Gospel is similarly crammed with theological mystery and suspense, as we find her protagonist, Mouse, still alive ...Read Review