Jane Johnson

The Black Crescent

By Jane Johnson - Published 2023Published 2024



Set in 1950s Morocco, amid growing resistance to French rule, The Black Crescent is a novel about family ties, societal change and contrast ...Read Review

The White Hare

By Jane Johnson - Published 2022


The beginning of WW2, and Magdalena and her daughter Mila leave Poland for the safety of London, where they stay until 1954.  During that ...Read Review

The Sea Gate

By Jane Johnson - Published 2020


It is rare to find a dual-narrative novel in which both strands of the narrative are equally compelling. Often the present-day strand exists ...Read Review

Court of Lions

By Jane Johnson - Published 2017Published 2018


In the last decade of the 15th century, a scrap of paper containing a mysterious message was hidden in a wall in the ...Read Review

Pillars of Light

By Jane Johnson - Published 2016Published 2017-10-05


Themes of love in wartime, familial duty, and faith are woven through this sweeping epic, which transports readers to the days of King ...Read Review

The Sultan’s Wife

By Jane Johnson - Published 2012


A bewitching novel set in the 17th century, The Sultan’s Wife is an engulfing ride to exotic Morocco and into the palace ...Read Review

The Salt Road

By Jane Johnson - Published 2011



In The Salt Road, Jane Johnson creates twin narratives about women from very different cultures who both take the eponymous Salt Road, the ...Read Review

The Tenth Gift

By Jane Johnson - Published 2008



  In present-day London, Julia Lovat receives a goodbye gift from her lover: a book of 17th century embroidery patterns which belonged to ...Read Review