McClelland & Stewart

Deep River Night

By Patrick Lane - Published 2018


A motley collection of men work at a lumber mill in central British Columbia. Caring for their physical ills is Art, first aid ...Read Review

Ambition and Desire: The Dangerous Life of Josephine Bonaparte

By Kate Williams - Published 2013 (UK)Published 2014 (US & CAN)



Kate Williams, royal correspondent for CNN, has followed up her 2008 biography of Queen Victoria with a well-researched, heavily detailed biography of Josephine Bonaparte, ...Read Review

Beware This Boy

By Maureen Jennings - Published 2012



Beware This Boy is the second installment in the Detective Inspector Tom Tyler series from acclaimed author Maureen Jennings, internationally known for her ...Read Review

The Purchase

By Linda Spalding - Published 2012Published 2013


In the winter of 1798, Daniel Dickinson and his young family are cast out by the elders of their tightknit Quaker community in Pennsylvania ...Read Review

Alone in the Classroom

By Elizabeth Hay - Published 2011Published 2012



Set in Canada and moving in time between more modern times and the era of the Great Depression, the novel centres around the ...Read Review

Above All Things

By Tanis Rideout - Published 2012Published 2013


Biographical Fiction

Canadian writer Tanis Rideout’s debut novel, Above All Things, is a beautifully written book mapping the distinct yet intertwined journeys of British ...Read Review

A Student of Weather

By Elizabeth Hay - Published 2000Published 2001



Maurice Dove, a botanist and student of weather, journeys from Ottawa to rural Saskatchewan in the mid-1930s to analyze the climate of ...Read Review

Children of My Heart

By Alan Brown (trans.) - By Gabrielle Roy - Published 2000



Gabrielle Roy, beloved of the Canadian literary establishment, died in 1983. Ces enfants de ma vie was her last novel. This edition of Alan ...Read Review