The Witches of New York

By Ami McKay - Published 2016Published 2017


The Witches of New York is the third novel from bestselling author Ami McKay. While the new novel sees the return of Moth ...Read Review

Their Finest

By Lissa Evans - Published 2010Published 2017



Their Finest, coming to the U.S. after an Orange Prize nomination and with a forthcoming film adaptation, brings humor, heartbreak, and more ...Read Review

The Great Divide

By Peter Watson - Published 2013



This book’s subtitle is “Nature and Human Nature in the Old World and the New,” which comes close to a summing up, ...Read Review

A Far Piece to Canaan

By Sam Halpern - Published 2013


Young Sam Zelinsky is the son of Jewish sharecroppers in Kentucky in 1945—a situation that author Sam Halpern writes about with authority, since ...Read Review

Lucky Bunny

By Jill Dawson - Published 2012



The title of Jill Dawson’s seventh novel, Lucky Bunny, is ironic. The white bunny that Queenie Dove receives as a present from ...Read Review

When We Argued All Night

By Alice Mattison - Published 2012


Along a lake in the Adirondack Mountains near a cabin in the woods, Artie Saltzman and Harold Abramowitz, friends since the third grade, ...Read Review

Clair de Lune

By Jetta Carleton - Published 2012


What was life like for a 25-year-old female junior college professor in Missouri in 1941? America has not entered the war yet, and the ...Read Review

The Printmaker’s Daughter

By Katherine Govier - Published 2010Published 2011


Biographical Fiction

Readers will cherish this story and not soon forget the daughter of Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1839). The famous painter of The Great Wave had ...Read Review

Waiting for Robert Capa

By Adriana V. Lόpez (trans.) - By Susana Fortes - Published 2011


Biographical FictionLiterary

Almost everything in this novel violates the rules writers are told to follow. The author uses fragmented sentences, tells a lot more than ...Read Review

Gillespie and I

By Jane Harris - Published 2011Published 2012



Harriet Baxter is sitting in her flat in Bloomsbury in 1933 writing her memoir of events that took place in Glasgow in 1888 at the ...Read Review