Duckworth Overlook

The Butcher’s Daughter

By Victoria Glendinning - Published 2018


Agnes Peppin, the butcher’s daughter of the title, has been caught in the age-old way of young women. Forced to leave behind ...Read Review

The Optickal Illusion

By Rachel Halliburton - Published 2018



Based on a real-life scandal in 1797, this novel is concerned with Ann-Jemima Provis and her father, who want to present (and sell) an ...Read Review

Ike and Kay

By James MacManus - Published 2018


Biographical Fiction

During World War II, British senior military officials and American media sources alike were scandalised by the close relationship between Ike Eisenhower, the ...Read Review

Jane Welsh Carlyle and her Victorian World: A Story of Love, Work, Friendship and Marriage

By Kathy Chamberlain - Published 2017



The cover blurb for Jane Welsh Carlyle and Her Victorian World claims that Kathy Chamberlain “brings Carlyle out of her husband’s shadow, ...Read Review