Doubleday/Nan A. Talese

Gateway to the Moon

By Mary Morris - Published 2018


This thrilling, shattering literary novel spans centuries and continents, telling in essence the story of Entrada de la Luna, a small town in ...Read Review

The Cloister

By James Carroll - Published 2018


This dual-time period story alternates between the 12th century and the 1950s to tell two tales linked by a tolerance for Jews unusual ...Read Review

The Jazz Palace

By Mary Morris - Published 2015


Chicago in the early 20th century was not an easy place for immigrants or blacks, but these are the stories told in The ...Read Review

Madeleine’s War

By Peter Watson - Published 2015


This story is about Madeleine Dirac, whose knowledge of the French language and her extemporary work with FANY (the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry) ...Read Review

The Anatomy Lesson

By Nina Siegal - Published 2014



Offering a glimpse into a distant place and era often requires a sleight-of-hand trick or two from writers. They produce the flavor of ...Read Review

The Pearl Diver

By Jeff Talarigo - Published 2004



It is 1948 when a nineteen-year-old pearl diver, who later christens herself Miss Fugi, is discovered to have leprosy. Miss Fugi is forced to ...Read Review