The Bastille Spy (A Revolution Spy Series)

By C.S. Quinn - Published 2020



1789. Attica Morgan, illegitimate daughter of an English lord and an African princess, erstwhile slave, and now British spy, killer, and a woman with ...Read Review

The Saracen’s Mark (The Jackdaw Mysteries)

By S. W. Perry - Published 2020



Despite its length (I don’t like books over 400 pages) I enjoyed this book, the third in Perry’s Mark series and to ...Read Review

Alexander’s Legacy: To The Strongest

By Robert Fabbri - Published 2020



Alexander’s Legacy: To the Strongest is the first book in a new series by Robert Fabbri, author of the Vespasian series. After ...Read Review

The Cornish Lady (Cornish Saga)

By Nicola Pryce - Published 2019



This novel is well-written in the first person, with interesting characters and an intricate plot which is resolved happily – the villains are caught ...Read Review

The Serpent’s Mark (The Jackdaw Mysteries)

By S. W. Perry - Published 2019



London, 1591. Nicholas Shelby, physician and reluctant spy, has returned to Suffolk to the family farm. Heartbroken, he is mourning the death of his ...Read Review

A Sacred Storm

By Theodore Brun - Published 2018


The second instalment of Theodore Brun’s Wanderer Chronicles returns readers to 8th-century Scandinavia with our troubled hero, Erlan, and his loyal servant, ...Read Review

The Angel’s Mark

By S. W. Perry - Published 2018



When I started this book it had, to my mind, multiple strikes against it: it was long, it was written in the present ...Read Review

The Cornish Dressmaker

By Nicola Pryce - Published 2018


It is 1796, and Elowyn Liddicot is young, independently minded and attractive, as is usual with heroines. When the novel opens, she is engaged ...Read Review

Pocketful of Dreams

By Jean Fullerton - Published 2017


From an Irish East London wedding to the Battle of Britain, this book shows the Brogan family in love, tragedy and joy in ...Read Review

Treason’s Spring

By Robert Wilton - Published 2017


Paris, 1792. The Revolution is entering its bloodiest phase. The mob rampages through the streets of Paris; the wrong word, or even a look, ...Read Review