The Bastille Spy (A Revolution Spy Series)

Written by C.S. Quinn
Review by Mike Ashworth

1789. Attica Morgan, illegitimate daughter of an English lord and an African princess, erstwhile slave, and now British spy, killer, and a woman with a definite attitude problem, is sent to Paris to fan the flames of revolution. Dressed initially as an aristocrat and aided by privateer captain Jemmy Avery, how will she avoid the attentions of Robespierre and the Paris mob as well as a murderous ex-Musketeer, while gaining entrance into the formidable prison cum fortress called the Bastille? Well (spoiler alert!), it is July 14th.

With strong characters and detail, the plot is fast-paced and gripping. Attica Morgan is a strong, independent, bloody-minded, ruthless woman with a background which is tantalisingly hinted at as the plot progresses. The villains are well drawn, without being over the top, and the author’s research shines through in an unobtrusive way adding to the storyline. This is a departure for the author from her very successful Thief Taker series, and is the first in a new series. I predict a long and happy – if at times perilous – future for Attica Morgan. Recommended.