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Kiku’s Prayer

By Shūsaku Endō - By Van C. Gessel (trans.) - Published 2012



Anyone familiar with Asian literature knows of Shūsaku Endō’s famous novel, Silence, which described the phenomenal faith and persecution of the ...Read Review

Trees without Wind

By John Balcom (trans.) - By Li Rui - Published 2013



On the surface, this is a simple story about the Chinese village of Stunted Flats during Mao’s Last Revolution (1966-76). A disease ...Read Review

The Blue Wolf: A Novel of Chinggis Khan

By Inoue Tasushi - Published 2008



Chinggis Khan is obsessed with an ancient Mongolian legend which states that the Mongols are descendants of a mythical blue wolf. This ferocious ...Read Review

The Song of Everlasting Sorrow: A Novel of Shanghai

By Wang Anyi (trans. Michael Berry and Susan Chan Egan) - Published 2008



First published in 1995, Wang Anyi’s literary masterpiece has now been translated into English, which is sure to garner her many more appreciative ...Read Review

Murder in Byzantium

By Julie Kristeva - Published 2006



Kristeva’s third mystery featuring French journalist Stephanie Delacour and chief detective Northrop Rilsky is set primarily in fictional Santa Varvara, somewhere in ...Read Review

Wintry Night

By Li Qiao - Published 2002


Biographical FictionMilitary

“The way it is? Everyone comes into the world naked. Then why are some born to be called ‘master’ and others born to ...Read Review