Song for Eloise

By Leigh Sauerwein - Published 2004Published 2006


Children/Young Adult

Eloise’s life in 12th-century France is happy until at fifteen she is married to a man twice her age. Her political match ...Read Review

The Journal of Dora Damage

By Belinda Starling - Published 2007


Dora Damage has a name straight from Dickens, and in fact her tale would not be out of place in that author’s ...Read Review

The Indian Clerk

By David Leavitt - Published 2007 (US)Published 2008 (UK)



The first issue a historical fiction writer needs to solve is how much research to include. Too little and the work lacks foundation; ...Read Review

My Dirty Little Book Of Stolen Time

By Liz Jensen - Published 2007



Charlotte is a whore in Copenhagen. It is 1897, and business is bad, so she and Fru Schleswig, an older woman who has accompanied ...Read Review

The Ladies Of Grace Adieu and Other Stories

By Susanna Clarke - Published 2007


FantasyShort Stories

From the author of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell comes this collection of short tales of magic and mayhem. When Strange visits the ...Read Review

Orphan Of The Sun

By Gill Harvey - Published 2007


Children/Young Adult

This story is set in the village of the tomb builders in the Valley of the Kings in Ancient Egypt, and centres on ...Read Review

The Falconer’s Knot

By Mary Hoffman - Published 2007


Children/Young Adult

Silvano’s dagger is found in the body of a man whose wife he had been serenading. He seeks sanctuary with the Franciscans ...Read Review

Petals in the Ashes

By Mary Hooper - Published 2004


Children/Young Adult

1665. In this sequel to At the Sign of the Sugared Plum, sisters Sarah and Hannah escape from plague-ridden London, together with baby Grace, ...Read Review

The Last Mughal: The Fall of a Dynasty, Delhi 1857

By William Dalrymple - Published 2007



This engrossing book is one of Dalrymple’s best. The Indian Mutiny/War for Independence is still a controversial subject. Dalrymple avoids both ...Read Review

The Dragon and the Foreign Devils, China and the World, 1100 BC to the Present

By Harry G. Gelber - Published 2007



No one would doubt the timeliness of this history at a moment when China is once again a dominant international player whose explosive ...Read Review