A Very Modern Marriage (The Ladies of Carson Street)

By Rachel Brimble - Published 2022


On the occasion of Nancy’s wedding, Octavia and Louisa are discussing the future of their brothel on Carson Street.  Meanwhile at his ...Read Review

The Woman with the Map

By Jan Casey - Published 2022


There are many tricks one can play with dual narratives. In The Woman with the Map we have the same character in both ...Read Review

The Belladonna Maze

By Sinead Crowley - Published 2022


Gothic horror meets modern romance. The historic stream of this dual-narrative novel (actually, there is a short third stream towards the end) is ...Read Review

Before the Dawn

By Emma Pass - Published 2022



WW2 launched a huge movement of people, particularly young men of marriageable age, between countries and between continents.  The multitudes of romantic encounters ...Read Review

The Time Between Us

By Marina McCarron - Published 2022


How many romantic novels set in Occupied France in WW2 can the market take?  They seem to cascade off the press.  As usual, ...Read Review

All That We Have Lost

By Suzanne Fortin - Published 2022


It is 2019, and after her husband’s death Imogen Wren decides to follow their joint dream and move to France, against the advice ...Read Review

The Rose Villa

By Leah Fleming - Published 2022


The Rose Villa is a gorgeous read, a historical romance spanning the years between 1918 and 1944. The two protagonists, Kit and Flora, battle their ...Read Review

The Raven Banner

By Tim Hodkinson - Published 2020



This second book in Tim Hodkinson’s rip-roaring Viking adventure series, The Whale Road Chronicles, sees Einar plying his trade as a bard ...Read Review

The Forgotten Life of Arthur Pettinger

By Suzanne Fortin - Published 2021


Arthur Pettinger has forgotten his life because he is 96 years old and sinking into dementia.  His granddaughter, Maddy, sets out to retrieve it, ...Read Review

Fortress of Fury

By Matthew Harffy - Published 2020



AD 647. Anglo Saxon Britain. Penda of Mercia has travelled north with his allies. Beobrand, leader of men, warrior, brave and feared by his ...Read Review