Allison & Busby

Blood Will Out (Contraband Shore)

By David Donachie - Published 2019


1787. Deal, Kent coast. Wounded in a failed attempt to rescue his beloved Betsy from a forced marriage, Captain Edward Brazier then disappears. Not ...Read Review

Stealing Roses

By Heather Cooper - Published 2019


Set on the Isle of Wight in 1862, this book is set within the scene of the opening of the new railway line from ...Read Review

The Mermaid’s Call (Cornish Mysteries)

By Katherine Stansfield - Published 2019



In this novel we accompany Anna Drake, who has founded a female detective agency, and her friend Shilly as they take on a ...Read Review

The Sewing Room Girl

By Susanna Bavin - Published 2018


This story is as much about English Northern grit as it is sewing, with needle a-plenty! Victorian teen Juliet Webster is already “a ...Read Review

Friends and Enemies

By Beryl Matthews - Published 2019


This novel tells the story of Kathy Hammond, beginning in 1941 when she and her mother flee to an air raid shelter and only ...Read Review

The Lost Daughter

By Sylvia Broady - Published 2018Published 2019


Set in Hull, East Yorkshire, in 1930, Broady tells the story of Alice Goddard, a woman fleeing domestic violence at the hands of her ...Read Review

Murder at the Fitzwilliam (The Museum Mysteries)

By Jim Eldridge - Published 2018



Cambridge 1894, and Daniel Wilson, formerly a detective inspector with London’s Metropolitan Police, is now working as a private investigator after the leaving ...Read Review

The Yearning Heart

By Sylvia Broady - Published 2018



This novel is a curl-up-on-the-sofa read for lovers of historical romance. In war-time Britain, sixteen-year old Frances is forced into an intimate one-night ...Read Review

The Outrageous Fortune of Abel Morgan

By Cynthia Jefferies - Published 2018


The book opens with Abel’s mother lying dead in childbirth. Half-mad with grief, his father Christopher takes what he believes is the ...Read Review

A Respectable Woman

By Susanna Bavin - Published 2018


Lancashire in the early 1920s, and Nell struggles to make a living for herself after losing her family in the Great War. When ...Read Review

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