Patrol to the Golden Horn

By Alexander Fullerton - Published 2002



In the third novel of a nine-volume naval series, we find the protagonist, Nick Everard, in a submarine. Nick has previously commanded a ...Read Review

Julia’s Hope

By Leisha Kelly - Published 2002



Kelly’s first book and its sequel (Julia’s Hope and Emma’s Gift) tell of the struggles of the Wortham family in ...Read Review

Where the Light Remains

By Hayden Gabriel - Published 2002Published 2003



Set in Cornwall in 1886 and 1986, Where the Light Remains weaves together the stories of two women, their marriages and their personal voyages. 1886: in ...Read Review

The Patriote Proposition

By Thomas Thorpe - Published 2002



It is late summer 1833. Elizabeth Darmon and her family are enjoying visiting her sister’s home in Lower Canada when a series of ...Read Review

Sixty Minutes for St George

By Alexander Fullerton - Published 2002



Volume Two in the Everard Naval Series, this book was first published in 1977, no doubt re-issued to capitalize on the current popularity of ...Read Review

The Plague Lord

By Paul Doherty - Published 2002


Biographical FictionThriller

In 1322 Venice, elderly adventurer Marco Polo lies on his deathbed, remembering that dangerous time when he served as principal magistrate of the city ...Read Review

Dear Heart, How Like You This?

By Wendy J. Dunn - Published 2002


Biographical FictionRomance

Sir Thomas Wyatt, 16th century poet and nobleman, narrates the tale of his mostly unrequited love for his cousin, Anne Boleyn – a love ...Read Review

Behold the Man: The Kingdom and the Crown vol.3

By Gerald Lund - Published 2002


Biographical FictionInspirational

The final installment of Lund’s trilogy, Behold the Man returns to the tumultuous times of the final days of Jesus Christ. Again, ...Read Review

The Wampum Keeper

By Pat Montague - Published 2002


This novel of the war-ravaged People of the Deer takes place in western New York State and Ontario, mid 17th century. While exploring ...Read Review