Jazz Age

Sky Girls: The True Story of the First Women’s Cross-Country Air Race

By Gene Nora Jessen - Published 2018



In 1929, nineteen pilots ventured into the open sky to compete in the first female cross-country air race. This competition captured the attention and ...Read Review

The Masterpiece

By Fiona Davis - Published 2018


In her previous two novels (The Dollhouse and The Address), Fiona Davis centered her story around a landmark building in New York City. ...Read Review

The Gamekeeper’s Wife

By Clare Flynn - Published 2018


The Gamekeeper’s Wife is a romantic drama set just after the First World War – and it is one of the best novels ...Read Review

Death of a Novice

By Cora Harrison - Published 2018



Young Sister Gertrude is a welcome addition to the convent; she’s quick with numbers and funny. But when she is found dead ...Read Review

The Mitford Murders

By Jessica Fellowes - Published 2018



England, 1920. Louisa Cannon, 19, must leave London to escape her abusive uncle. When the Mitfords, a wealthy Oxfordshire family, hire Louisa as nursemaid, it ...Read Review

The Deserter’s Daughter

By Susanna Bavin - Published 2017


This is a debut novel set in Chorlton, Manchester in the years after The Great War. It is a gripping page-turner which is ...Read Review


By David Mamet - Published 2018



It’s 1925, and Mike Hodge, a city beat reporter for the Chicago Tribune and decorated war veteran, falls in love, hard, with Annie ...Read Review

A Different Kind of Evil

By Andrew Wilson - Published 2018



On January 23, 1927, Agatha Christie set sail on the SS Gelria on her way to a holiday in the warm climate of Tenerife. She ...Read Review

The Stowaway: A Young Man’s Extraordinary Adventure to Antarctica

By Laurie Gwen Shapiro - Published 2018



The Roaring ‘20s were a time of ebullience and adventure: ticker-tape parades for heroes such as Lucky Lindy, with his solo flight across ...Read Review

Lillian Armfield: How Australia’s First Female Detective Took on Tilly Devine and the Razor Gangs and Changed the Face of the Force

By Leigh Straw - Published 2018



In the 1920s, Sydney was in the midst of a brutal crime-wave known as “the Razor Wars”. Remarkably, the two principal rival players ...Read Review

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