HNR Issue 91 (February 2020)

The Borgia Confessions

By Alyssa Palombo - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

This is Alyssa Palombo’s fourth novel and, like her first two, this one takes place in Italy. Set during the Renaissance, it ...Read Review

This Light Between Us: A Novel of World War II

By Andrew Fukuda - Published 2020


Children/Young Adult

In 1935, Alex Maki’s teacher assigns him a pen pal, a French Jew named Charlie Levy. Trouble is, Charlie is a girl! Despite ...Read Review

My Life is Like a Fairy Tale

By Robert Irwin - Published 2019



By 1945, Dutch bit-part actress and dancer Sonja Heda is finding it increasingly difficult to find roles. Not only are fewer films being made ...Read Review

Under the Freedom Tree

By Susan VanHecke - Published 2019


Children/Young Adult

In 1861, three men escaped slavery by rowing across a body of water and being received and protected by the Northern army. Soon more ...Read Review

Cilka’s Journey

By Heather Morris - Published 2019


Cilka Klein was a real woman who endured not only Auschwitz but also the Russian gulag: two of the most brutal places of ...Read Review

A Thread So Fine

By Susan Welch - Published 2019


St. Paul, Minnesota, 1946. Shannon and Eliza are about to start their first year of college. But when tragedy strikes each girl, their bond ...Read Review

The Earl Takes a Fancy: A Sins for All Seasons Novel

By Lorraine Heath - Published 2020



Although she was born out of wedlock and raised among the working class, Fancy Trewlove’s family wants her to marry into the ...Read Review

The Honourable Life of Thomas Chayne

By Cynthia Jefferies - Published 2019


Thomas Chayne is the eponymous narrator of this story, set in England in the troublesome first half of the 17th century. He is ...Read Review

Lady of Perdition (A Benjamin January Mystery)

By Barbara Hambly - Published 2020



In 1840, Benjamin January, a freed black man, leaves the safety of his New Orleans home for the perils of the “Slaveholder’s Republic” ...Read Review

The Yellow Bird Sings: A Novel

By Jennifer Rosner - Published 2020


A mother’s unconditional love and fierce desire to protect her child is at the heart of this tragic and beautiful novel set ...Read Review