HNR Issue 77 (August 2016)

A Flight of Arrows

By Lori Benton - Published 2016



In this second Pathfinders Series story, Two Hawks searches for his twin brother, stolen as an infant by British soldier Reginald Aubrey during ...Read Review

The Damned of Petersburg

By Ralph Peters - Published 2016



The action in this novel centers on the town of Petersburg, Virginia, located just south of Richmond. In the summer and fall of 1864 ...Read Review

The Voyage of the Dolphin

By Kevin Smith - Published 2016



Dublin, February 1916, and three students, Fitzmaurice, Rafferty and Crozier, are at Trinity College amidst a combination of student pranks, Home Rule disturbances, and ...Read Review

Dressed for Death

By Julianna Deering - Published 2016



The newest Drew Farthering mystery is set in a British manor house belonging to the parents of Drew’s college chum. Drew and ...Read Review

An Honorable Man

By Paul Vidich - Published 2016



Set in Washington, DC in 1953, this spy thriller depicts the CIA against the backdrop of the Cold War and McCarthyism. Killed agents and ...Read Review

The Devil’s Diary: Hitler’s High Priest and the Hunt for the Lost Papers of the Third Reich

By David Kinney - By Robert K. Wittman - Published 2016



The Devil’s Diary is a densely written, triple-ply nonfiction book that reads like a novel. It begins with the primary story: the ...Read Review

Beast: Werewolves, Serial Killers, & Man Eaters: The Mystery of the Monsters of the Gevaudan

By Gustavo Sanchez-Romero - By S.R. Schwalb - Published 2016



A mysterious predator slaughtered more than one hundred people from 1764 to 1767. The killings took place in a remote region of France, and in ...Read Review