HNR Issue 74 (November 2015)

Death at Hungerford Stairs

By J. C. Briggs - Published 2015



London, November 1849. The novelist Charles Dickens and Superintendent Sam Jones of Bow Street are looking for a missing boy and his dog. A ...Read Review

The Prince and I

By Karen Hawkins - Published 2015



Set in 19th-century Scotland during what appears to be the time of the Napoleonic Wars, The Prince and I is the second installment ...Read Review

The Further Adventures of Ebenezer Scrooge

By Charlie Lovett - Published 2015


The Further Adventures of Ebenezer Scrooge is a delightful sequel to Dickens’ A Christmas Carol that is imaginatively woven together by the author ...Read Review

Waterloo: The Bravest Man

By Andrew Swanston - Published 2015



With the Bicentenary of Waterloo this year, Swanston’s novel takes us into the thick of the campaign. We experience both the confusion ...Read Review

Murder on the Minneapolis

By Anita Davison - Published 2015



Never before have I read about a transatlantic crossing with so many murders. In 1902, the Minneapolis, a small cargo and passenger ship passes ...Read Review


By Tim Griffiths - Published 2015


Photographer Frank Hurley needs little introduction to anyone fascinated with early 20th century Antarctic exploration, or who has ever been moved by his ...Read Review

A Place We Knew Well

By Susan Carol McCarthy - Published 2015


It turns out that Susan Carol McCarthy’s latest novel, A Place We Knew Well, is a far truer story than readers may ...Read Review

Along the Infinite Sea

By Beatriz Williams - Published 2015


Two heroines – one beautiful and innocent, the other beautiful and jaded – share the stage in Williams’ cinematic novel, which wraps up her trilogy ...Read Review


By Brett Battles - Published 2015


Alternate HistoryTime-slip

Denny Younger is an Eight—one of the lowest social classes in a strictly stratified British society in a timeline where the American ...Read Review

The Curious Tale of the Lady Caraboo

By Catherine Johnson - Published 2015


Children/Young Adult

England, April 1819. Mary Willcox, destitute and desperate, is attacked, assaulted and left in a ditch by two farm labourers. Later, a badly-beaten-up girl ...Read Review

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