HNR Issue 74 (November 2015)

All the Stars in the Heavens

By Adriana Trigiani - Published 2015


Biographical Fiction

In 1935, Loretta Young and Clark Gable meet on the set of The Call of the Wild, being filmed on location on snowy Mount ...Read Review

All That Followed

By Gabriel Urza - Published 2015



All That Followed is one of those works of fiction—historical or not—where history is the central character and everything else flows ...Read Review

Alistair Grim’s Odditorum

By Gregory Funaro - Published 2015


Children/Young AdultFantasy

Grubb, an orphan boy around twelve years old, is a chimney sweep abused and exploited by his master until the day he stows ...Read Review

The Farmerettes

By Gisela Tobien Sherman - Published 2015


Children/Young Adult

During World War II, everyone at home did what they could to support the soldiers, including women taking on jobs normally done by ...Read Review

Lifeline Across the Sea: Mercy Ships in the Second World War

By David Williams - Published 2015



Clausewitz famously coined the phrase ‘total war’ and defined it as an ideal state. This did not mean, as some suppose, that he ...Read Review

A Kind of Grief

By A. D. Scott - Published 2015



Set in the northern Scottish Highlands of the late 1950s, A Kind of Grief brings back Joanne Ross, a former reporter of the ...Read Review