HNR Issue 54 (November 2010)

In the Grip of the Minotaur

By Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur - By Farnham Bishop - Published 2010



The story is set in the Bronze Age Mediterranean, where King Minos rules the sea with his fleet and terrorizes his enemies with ...Read Review

Child of the Northern Spring

By Persia Woolley - Published 2010


The story of Arthur and Guinevere has been told and retold numerous times, but this first volume of Woolley’s Guinevere trilogy, originally ...Read Review

The Princeling

By Cynthia Harrod-Eagles - Published 2010



This is book 3 of the Morland Dynasty series, in which Cynthia Harrod-Eagles traces 500 years of British history from the point of view of ...Read Review

The Lady’s Slipper

By Deborah Swift - Published 2010


The Civil War and its aftermath have finished and the King is back on his throne, but the memories of the awful conflict ...Read Review

One Touch of Scandal

By Liz Carlyle - Published 2010



1856, Victorian England. Governess Grace Gautier is accused of murdering her fiancé, a man who offers her security and a home, who just happens ...Read Review

The Taken

By Mike Kearby - Published 2010



In 1864 Texas two young brothers are surprised by Comanches. William, the younger brother, is taken by the Indians and raised as a Comanche ...Read Review

The Secret Mandarin

By Sara Sheridan - Published 2009



In London, 1842, actress Mary Penny has brought disgrace on her respectable family. Mary’s brother-in-law, botanist Robert Fortune, forces her to accompany him ...Read Review

Aphrodite’s War

By Andrea Busfield - Published 2010



Growing up half-wild in a village outside Keryneia in northern Cyprus, Loukis Economidou cares more about his mother Dhespina and his childhood sweetheart ...Read Review

Anthropology of an American Girl

By Hilary Thayer Hamann - Published 2003Published 2010



Literature is riddled with coming-of-age stories. The drama of adolescence lends itself to gripping narrative – first love, first heartbreak, self-discovery. One of the ...Read Review

Heart of Lies

By M.L. Malcolm - Published 2010


Leo Hoffman, the central character in this fascinating and deftly written novel, set during the years between the two World Wars, is a ...Read Review