HNR Issue 54 (November 2010)

Poppy’s War

By Lily Baxter - Published 2010



It is 1939 when fate and an air of cleanliness bring Poppy Brown, a thirteen-year-old evacuee from East London, to the country house of ...Read Review

Death by Water: A Phryne Fisher Mystery

By Kerry Greenwood - Published 2010



Phryne Fisher finds herself rather bored with the state of affairs at her home, so she’s thrilled when P&O Lines ...Read Review

Butterfly’s Shadow

By Lee Langley - Published 2010



This novel is a rich, engrossing blend of love, deceit and two diverse countries and cultures. Although woven around two main characters, Cho-Cho ...Read Review

The House of Dust and Dreams

By Brenda Reid - Published 2010



Evadne Timberlake first sees her husband Hugh’s dilapidated family house in the Cretan village of Panagia Sta Perivola in the summer of 1936, ...Read Review

Forbidden Places

By Penny Vincenzi - Published 2010



Originally published in 1995 in the UK, Forbidden Places is another exhilarating, addictive read from England’s prolific doyenne of commercial women’s fiction. ...Read Review

Wolf’s Cross

By S.A. Swann - Published 2010



In the second book set in the medieval world of werewolves created in his first novel, Wolfbreed, S.A. Swann tells the story ...Read Review

Whisper My Name

By Jane Eagland - Published 2010


Children/Young Adult

A tantalising tale of Victorian England. Meriel, the heroine, is a young girl sent back to live with her grandfather in London after ...Read Review

Theodosia and the Eyes of Horus

By R. L. LaFevers - Published 2010


Children/Young AdultFantasy

According to Theodosia’s grandmother, an Edwardian girl of eleven should be learning to be a young lady under the tutelage of a ...Read Review

The Alchemist and the Angel

By Joanne Owen - Published 2010


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

Jan is apprentice to his uncle, an alchemist, living in Venice in 1583. After losing his parents to the plague, Aunt Greta and Uncle ...Read Review

Fur, Fortune, and Empire: The Epic History of the Fur Trade in America

By Eric Jay Dolin - Published 2010



Eric Jay Dolin offers an exciting saga of ambition, passion, violence, and greed concerning the role that the fur from the sea otter, ...Read Review