HNR Issue 39 (February 2007)

Hawk’s Pursuit

By Constance O'Banyon - Published 2006



The third volume of O’Banyon’s Hawk Crest saga finds the youngest of four children, eleven-year-old Jena Leigh, in mortal danger from ...Read Review

Jared’s Runaway Woman

By Judith Stacy - Published 2006



It is 1887. Jared Mason has arrived in Crystal Springs, Colorado, with a single goal: retrieve his young nephew from the hands of the ...Read Review

A Call to Colors

By John J. Gobbell - Published 2006



Gobbell’s novel is a surprising mix of traditional World War II sea combat and a view of wartime California’s railway system ...Read Review

The Savage Garden

By Mark Mills - Published 2007



In 1958, Cambridge art history student, Adam Strickland, goes to Tuscany to work on the Mannerist garden of the Villa Docci near Florence. The ...Read Review

The View from Castle Rock

By Alice Munro - Published 2006


Short Stories

In this collection of stories, Alice Munro picks through her family tree – as far back as 18th century Scotland and as close as ...Read Review

Leonardo’s Shadow, Or My Astonishing Life As Leonardo Da Vinci’s Servant

By Christopher Grey - Published 2006


Biographical FictionChildren/Young Adult

The ongoing popularity of Leonardo da Vinci in fiction often obscures his preeminent place as the Renaissance’s most gifted and versatile artist. ...Read Review

Passionate Minds

By David Bodanis - Published 2006



Emilie du Châtelet’s brilliant mind is nurtured by her elderly father, a rarity for a female in early 18th century France. ...Read Review

I Want to Live: The Diary of a Young Girl in Stalin’s Russia

By Nina Lugovskaya (transl. Andrew Bromfield) - Published 2006Published 2007



What an extraordinary insight Nina gives us into the closed world of Stalinist Russia. Starting in 1932, when Nina was nearly fourteen years old, ...Read Review

The Secret Magdalene

By Ki Longfellow - Published 2007


Biographical Fiction

Mariamne and her father’s ward, Salome, are raised in wealthy comfort in Roman Jerusalem. Her father is a member of the Sanhedrin, ...Read Review

Mistress of the Art of Death

By Ariana Franklin - Published 2007



Adelia, who has studied medicine in Salerno, Sicily, is selected by the King of Sicily to accompany Simon of Naples, a man renowned ...Read Review