HNR Issue 102 (November 2022)

A Mother’s Fight (The Lancashire Girls Book 2)

By Libby Ashworth - Published 2022



1818 Bolton. This second book of The Lancashire Girls series follows Hannah’s struggles to feed her three children. The impoverished wife of a ...Read Review

Beyond the Desert Sands (Love on the Santa Fe)

By Tracie Peterson - Published 2022


Inspirational RomanceWestern

In 1911, spoiled and self-centered Isabella Garcia is forced to return home from her aunt’s house in California to the small mining town ...Read Review

The Orphans of Amsterdam

By Elle van Rijn - By Jai van Essen (trans.) - Published 2022



Betty Oudkerk is a young nursery school teacher in Amsterdam in the opening days of WWII. She is fearless, unafraid to offer a ...Read Review

The Secret of Matterdale Hall

By Marianne Ratcliffe - Published 2022


Yorkshire, 1860s: the young Miss Mottrams, daughters of a rural vicar, have “a marked preference for gothic romances”. Their idyllic existence comes to ...Read Review

In the Shadows of Guadalcanal (Casemate Fiction)

By Phillip Parotti - Published 2022



Tony Colombo survives a torpedo on a commercial vessel in 1939 and decides to activate his U.S. Naval Reserve status so that he ...Read Review

From the Shadows (A Billy Boyle WWII Mystery)

By James R. Benn - Published 2022



The Special Operations Executive (SOE) spy organization pulls Billy Boyle out of North Africa in October 1944 as WWII winds down. Boyle’s orders ...Read Review

The Aerialists

By Katie Munnik - Published 2022


Twelve-year-old Laura begs on the Paris streets in spring 1891. Husband-and-wife aerialists—Ena, and French aeronaut, Auguste Gaudron—take an interest in this American ...Read Review

Act of Oblivion

By Robert Harris - Published 2022


This novel tells the story of the hunt for the regicides of Charles I, principally Edward Whalley and his son-in-law, William Goffe. Whalley ...Read Review


By George H. Wolfe - Published 2022


GIs living in Shorty’s Trailer Park, Cricket Farm and Beagle Ranch in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, are finding their way back to normal life ...Read Review

The Heretic’s Daughter (Isaac Alvarez Mysteries Book 2)

By M Lynes - Published 2022



In the years following the Reconquista, Andalusía is a difficult place to live for conversos like Isaac Alvarez and his blended family, ...Read Review